Request to help save Stuart and Liesel’s home

Owing to heavy rains Stuart and Liesel (owners of Trade Winds in CSF) came within a centimetre of losing their home. Contributions are needed to put a siphon system in place.

Their property seems to be the draining point for an extensive watercourse that has been inactive for many, many years but has now been activated by the huge amounts of rain we are experiencing.

Fortunately due to a huge community effort, we managed to keep the water at bay and save everything that they have worked so hard for.

The problem is going to be on-going and will probably worsen if one takes into account the very evident weather changes we are having.

Stuart and Liesel are still in way over their heads with petrol costs, having been running up to 6 pumps 24/7 for the past weeks and this does not include the pumping that has been going on for the past 6 months.

Therefore we are trying to get funds together to put a siphon system in place which will automatically take care of the problem when ever it arises. According to the estimates we have had, this is going to cost between R15 000,00 and R18 000,00.

We are hoping that you may be willing to contribute whatever you can to assist us in this project.

For the sake of financial transparency, the money is being paid into the Cape St Francis Civic Association account. The details are :




Please use “Stuart and Liesel” as the reference so that the money can be ring fenced.

Hoping we can count on you for a contribution.





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