No immediate danger of flooding from Santareme dam – experts

There is no immediate danger from the lake or dam at the back of the dunes alongside St Francis Drive breaching or flooding Santareme experts say.

Photo of the large dam or lake at the back of the dunes that run alongside St Francis Drive in Santareme. Photo: Richard Arderne

But an expert who visited the site yesterday, namely Professor Fred Ellery from Rhodes University in Grahamstown, plus others who went there today warn that steps must be put in place to pump water out of this catchment area systematically as soon as possible.  Prof Ellery is a wetland scientist, systems ecologist and bio-geomorphologist, who also specialises in landscape formation.

A meeting called by St Francis Bay Residents Association (SFBRA) was held this morning at Kouga Council offices with concerned residents and senior management from Council including, Victor Felton, Municipal Director of Planning, Development and Infrastructure.

This was followed by a site visit to review the possibility of further dams of water breaching and causing more damage to Tom Brown Boulevard and surrounding areas of Santareme.  

“We assure residents every effort is being taken to ensure this does not occur again. If there should be further rains in the near future, consideration will be given to the stationing of a lookout/guard on a 24-hour basis to monitor the dam,”  the SFBRA said this morning.

The SFBRA also advised today that damage to the sewerage pipe has been given top priority by Felton and a temporary repair will be conducted.  A permanent repair cannot be considered until insurance companies have assessed damage to the perimeter walls. 

These walls are leaning precariously and will have to be demolished before a permanent repair can be conducted.

The SFBRA expresses its heartfelt thanks to all the council workers who worked tirelessly to repair the damage caused by the floods. It says their efforts are greatly appreciated by all.

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