More startling photos of the river raging in Santareme yesterday

A quiet , suburban, upmarket street , namely Tom Brown Boulevard, that was overcome by raging water and debris flows yesterday morning. Photo: Anni Macleod. More photos below.

Here are some amazing but shocking shots of the huge river of water and debris flows that rampaged through Santareme yesterday morning (15 September 2012) early causing mayhem and havoc in its wake.

These photos, most of which have been taken by St Francis Bay resident, Anni Macleod,  show the debris flows in various parts of Santareme .

The path of the flood of water and debris from the dunes on the right of this photo – debris and water that crossed St Francis Drive and raced down the hill to the sea.  Photo: Anni Macleod.

Water and debris from the dunes to the left is seen tearing down St Francis Drive before turning towards the sea on the right.. Photo: Anni Macleod

Here are more photos of the flash flood when it hit Santareme –  photos taken by Anni Macleod:

Below are two photos taken by St Francis Chronicle which show work being done by the municipality  today (a Sunday) to do some damage control and restore the roads somewhat.



By 10 am this morning municipal officials had already filled in the huge craters created in Tom Brown Boulevard that are visible in photos taken by this paper yesterday. These photos and an accompanying , comprehensive article about the flash flood, depict damage done by the huge torrents of debris and water. See:

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