No ‘Spring’ day as cold and snow forecast this weekend

Storm Chaser predicts a cold front and possible snow this weekend in the South-West and Southern Cape , starting 31 August 2012.

“It says Spring Day will definitely not be on the 1st day of September this year!”

On the SAWDIS website Storm Chaser forecasts a severe frontal system (though with slightly later arrival) on Friday and snow extending into Saturday, ! September.  “

“Numerous model runs indicate that the freezing level will drop to 1400m over the SW-Cape, with some runs showing the level down to 1200m early on Saturday. The freezing level is likely to remain below 1800m for most of the weekend, but lack of moisture will limit snow to the southern Cape coastal mountain ranges (rather than further inland) during Saturday. The site shows this nicely:

“The weather over Cape Town is likely to remain unsettled until at least Sunday and on Monday next week (3 September), when another (weaker) cold front may brush the S-Cape coast. After that front, the GFS ensemble (9-12 day outlook) shows a dry spell for the Western Cape from Tuesday , 4 September and Friday, 8 September.

“This custom GFS chart shows the possible extent of snow accumulation and freezing-level in the period up to 12Z on Sat 1st. The exact details are likely to change, since this chart is 132 hours (5.5 days) in advance. Note that the GFS model has a rather large grid-size, and very limited terrain detail of the Cape coastal mountain ranges.”


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