Sand River Bridge in precarious state again this morning

The Sand River Bridge is in rather a precarious state as at 7.30 am this morning, Sunday 12 August.

Photos taken this morning by Bev Mortimer show how fragile, if not dangerous, the bridge is:

*  Three of the large inflow pipes on the west side of the bridge are blocked and it appears sand bags have fallen in the river.

Water level very close – less than a metre – to the top of the bridge where the road is.

*  The water level has risen above the height of the inflow pipes.

* The water level is about a metre away from the top of road

*  The bank on the Humansdorp side is very eroded.

Very eroded bank.. being gouged backwards under the road..

*  On the Kromme river side water is seen flowing swiftly out of only three pipes.

Photos shows that water is not flowing out from three of the pipes on the Kromme River side of the Sand River Bridge

Another view of the outflow pipes on the Kromme River side of the Sand River Bridge – showing that three outflow pipes are blocked and not carrying water through.

*  It is anticipated – according to other observers at the bridge that water could flow over the top of the bridge in 1-2 hours if the pipes are not unblocked soon.

St Francis Chronicle informed the authorities and the SAP at 7. 45 am who said they would go and check the bridge.

In the interim motorists should take extreme care in crossing the bridge.

See update at 10.30 am:

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