Ostriches in the swim in icy sea – photos

Two ostriches went for a dip in the icy sea off Yzerfontein on Wednesday (25 July) this week.

Skipper and boat owner, Johan Basson, came upon these two  feathery swimmers in the afternoon and herded them out of the sea and into the harbour. They eventually ended their swim at the slipway.

It is unclear where they launched but this remarkable set of photos was taken by Harbour View self catering establishment, Yzerfontein.

Yzerfontein has a number of these feathered residents and local humorists say these two plucky birds were presumably practising for the Olympics! It is reported that this is not the first time these feathered athletes have been seen in the Atlantic.

Photos posted on NSRI national website . Photos provided to NSRI Yzerfontein, courtesy of Harbour View. The local NSRI was not involved the ostrich rescue  incident though.


  1. I watched a tortoise go for a dip in the sea at St Francis Bay once – he came down from the dunes between the ski canal and the beach, wandered into the surf, turned turtle in the little wave as it approached the beach, then righted himself and walked back into the dunes. It was in November, but I forget which year.

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