Comment invited on proposed St Francis Bay Riparian levy



NOTICE NO 63/2012





Notice is hereby given that the Council, at a Special Council Meeting held on 22 May 2012 (Council Resolution 12/05/FAME 26), resolved as follows:



“That in order to enable the Kouga Municipality to fund and to effect the construction and repair of rock revetments on the coastal zone at erven 645, 184, 53, 185, 623 and 720 in St Francis Bay, as authorized in the Environmental Authorization awarded to the Kouga Municipality, it is resolved:


i)          That an amount sufficient to fund the project and in any event not less than R4,5 million (four million, five hundred thousand rand) be included in the Kouga Municipality’s budget for the 2012/2013 financial year.


ii)         That a once-off charge be levied in respect of each private property which borders on the waterways/canal of the St. Francis Bay Marine (Riparian Erven) in equal amounts sufficient to fund the total amount budgeted for, as referred to in paragraph (i) above, and that the Kouga Municipality thereafter issue accounts to recover the said once-off charges from the owners of Riparian Erven.


iii)        That the Kouga Municipality’s intention to implement the procedures described in paragraph (i) & (ii) above be advertised, inviting public comment and objections within 30 (thirty) days from date of such advertisement appearing in a local daily newspaper and on the Kouga Municipality’s website and Notice Boards.


iv)        That the implementation of said procedures and described in paragraphs (i) & (ii) above are also subject to the necessary approval by National Treasury.



v)         That the implementation of the procedures described in paragraphs (i) & (ii) would further also be subject to the final decision at a Council meeting to be held on a date to be advertised in similar manner as described above, but after due consideration of public comment and objections received, if any”.



The Council Resolution will also be obtainable from the Municipal Website


Further information or enquiries can be directed to the Acting Chief Financial Officer, Ms. C. Burger at  or at telephone number 042-200-2104


Residents with a vested interest are requested to forward their comments/objections to the Office of the Municipal Manager,  P.O. Box21, JeffreysBay6330 by WEDNESDAY, 27 JUNE 2012 AT 12:00.







MR S.S. FADI                                                                                                   P.O.Box 21

MUNICIPAL MANAGER                                                                               JeffreysBay


(This official notice appears in today’s The Herald, inviting comment.