St Francis United Church ladies celebrate with gifts and tea

The building of the Church House on the corner of Walton and St Francis Drive in St Francis Bay is almost 100% completed.

The ladies from this new inter-denomination church – from Anglican, to Methodist and to Presbyterian held a high tea this morning in celebration and to bless the church known as Church House. Their blessings came in the form of beautifully wrapped gifts with Biblical verses written on them.

The gifts ranged from tea cups, tea pots and related items , to fancy floor mops to ornaments including a lovely angel doll, to cleaning equipment, cloths and other kitchen ware.

After a welcome from organiser Eve Nel, the ladies helped themselves to delicious treats on the table – from fresh cream or cheese scones to delectable chocolate cakes, to  petit fours and fudge, to biscuits and assorted sandwiches and tarts – savoury to sweet.

United Church Women's Guild organiser, Eve Nel, welcoming all the ladies from the new church in Walton Road, and thanking everyone for attending and bringing the lovely gifts, seen behind her.

Then each lady present had to read out the verse on a chosen present and guess the contents to much fun and laughter

Nel told the ladies everyone present was from a different church and each lady had had a different background but everyone was bringing something new to this new united church.

She invited all the ladies to join the Women’s Guild and to enjoy the celebration and blessings.

The official opening of the church takes place next week. For more information on the church and times of services contact Nel on 042  294 0456

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