A giant of a Titanic dinner raises R10 000 for NSRI

It was a long voyage to savour 10 different courses of a sumptuous dinner in commemoration of the last repast held on the ill fated Titanic ship that sank 100 years ago on 15 April 1912. But it was worth every minute and cent spent…. The fare was sensational.


All that was missing was the sound of giant waves and a ship creaking or breaking , someone jested… but no one reflected on that as the evening’s atmosphere was one of enjoyment and laughter with a great vibe and ambiance pertaining throughout the evening.

Almost everything else was there to remind people of that night.. from the ships’ crew dressed in the blue colours of the NSRI sea rescue body, to the beautifully decorated tables with superb wine glasses (3 at each place) and stunning roses, to the rounded multi-candle holders that shimmered in the subdued lighting, and combined with the violin strains, added to the rich experience.

Held at Chez Patrick restaurant St Francis Bay, the evening’s theme was the brainchild of manageress Janet, who pulled out all the stops to get everything on board and ready for the re-enacted feast of the last dinner on the Titanic and to manage her entire crew and passengers.

Guests were greeted on a red carpet outside the front door where some paparazzi were waiting to snap photos, then escorted to the vestibule for divine fish and parmesan cheese canapés. Then to a drum roll names of passengers were called out and as they stepped forward there was someone to escort them grandly to their seats.

Then the first hors d’oeuvre arrived followed every 20 minutes by another delightful dish, each not of a too grandiose size, but so palatable and extremely rich and filling.

New chef, Dewald, and his team also outdid themselves with the delicious and appetising fare, temptingly arranged on the platters.

Before each dish was served renowned Maitre D, Charles Black from Five Elements Restaurant, gave an introduction with interesting anecdotes to the savoury delights ahead. Then to change the flow and for a wonderful cause  there were also three interludes when an auction was held by none other than Jo Brown, who as always effused charm and enthusiasm in the hearty crowd. There were some wonderful Titanic type memorabilia and related ware on auction. On offer for bidding were Titanic history and recipe books, an antique snooker set, various paintings of the Titanic – including a beautiful watercolour of a ship in a fierce storm that fetched more than R2500 – plus an antique necklace and a pocket watch.

The auction raised R6550 and a further amount was added to the kitty by restaurant owner, Patrick Howitt, to make the total a round R10 000 to be presented to NSRI for all the sterling sea rescue work they do.

Chez Patrick management thanks everyone for attending this wonderful and successful evening and especially thanked all the assistance received including that from Jo Brown, the auctioneer; Sarah Gibson of Distelle; Nell Marie of NLR Wines; Charles Black of Five Elements; Mandy Watson of Champagne Events; Maryette Langeveldt Bakkes of Origin Design; Bay Building Supplies; and Bay Painters.

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