Quick action by NSRI saves child’s life

Immediate resuscitation efforts by NSRI Knysna volunteers to an unconscious four year-old child struggling to breathe, saved the child’s life yesterday.

According to NSRI Knysna, the boy had been pulled out of the water at Leisure Isle by bystanders after apparently getting into into difficulties while paddling in shallow water.

The quick response by NSRI volunteers and their resuscitation efforts led to the boy regaining consciousness and breathing easier.

Graeme Harding, NSRI Knysna station commander, said  6.14 pm  NSRI Knysna volunteer sea rescue duty crew were activated following reports of a drowning in progress at Leisure Isle between the Guard Hut and Green Hole on Knysna Lagoon.

“Myself and NSRI trainee crewman Jan Smith were braaing on Leisure Isle nearby to the scene at the time and we immediately responded while our NSRI Knysna volunteer sea rescue duty crew prepared to launch our sea rescue craft,” Harding said.

“On arrival on-scene myself and Jan found a 4 year-old male on the shore lying on a towel and appearing to be struggling to breath, short of breath and unconscious.

“We immediately began resuscitation efforts and the boy, from nearby Nekkies, on a day out with family, responded well to our efforts.”

An ER-24 ambulance was summoned and the boy, in a stable condition, was transported to hospital for further treatment and for observation for secondary drowning. He was accompanied to hospital by his mother.

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