House burns in St Francis Bay – updated

A fire occurred at an unoccupied house in Frank Road on Saturday afternoon through an electrical fault in one of the upstairs rooms..

Photo: David Ross

According to Kouga media liaison  the fire was first reported at 3 pm.

“At that time the St Francis Fire department was already fighting a veld fire near Sea Vista so they arrived at Frank Road within minutes. The strong wind made it difficult to get the fire under control but it was finally extinguished at 5:40 pm.

“The roof and three rooms were gutted. Early indications are that the fire started in the main bedroom, but our fire department will be investigating further. The veld fire at Sea Vista was extinguished at 5:30pm. Also a battle, due to the strong winds and inaccessibility of the terrain.

“No one was hurt in either incident.”

The house is the holiday home of Karen Hawinkels who came down to St Francis Bay to inspect the damage and organise repairs. She said it was an electrical fault upstairs that caused the fire and not a doom fogger as some people suspected. She related that  extensive damage has been done to the house. Three of the five bedrooms were burnt and the remaining two were water damaged. The rooms downstairs were also water damaged and all her furniture was ruined.

Today she was busy ordering new furniture and fittings. She said she hoped to have the roof and windows repaired at least before Christmas.

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