Michelle comes 2nd in Womens div at SA Masters

Michelle Hill (Van Kempen) from St Francis Bay and representing Eastern Province came second in the Women’s section of the inter-provincial SA Masters Cup at Nahoon Reef, East London yesterday.

She was pipped to the post by Heather Clarke of Border and was followed into third place by Tasha Mentasti of Borland. Border won the SA Masters Cup and four individual titles at Nahoon Reef with 33 646 points.

EP was second with 26 240. Third place went to Boland. Zululand came in fourth, followed by WP, SKZN, SC and KZN Central. This was Border’s fifth consecutive win in the inter-provincial event.

Some of the country’s best surfers aged 30 and over participated. Greg Emslie (Seniors), Kevin O’Brien (Grand Masters), David Malherbe (Kahunas) and Dave Fish (Veterans) clinched their respective division titles. The other three individual crowns went to Southern KZN’s Heather Clark (Women) and Gary van Wieringen (Masters) while Chris Knutsen from KZN Central won the Grand Kahunas division.

The trials for the SA Masters team to compete in the ISA World Masters Surfing Championships in El Salvador in October will be held at Nahoon Reef today. South Africa has won the ISA World Masters Championships twice in the three years it has been held. Last year South Africa was runner up in Panama.


SA Masters Cup:  1. Border 33 646 points 2. Eastern Province 26 240 3. Boland 23 568 4. Zululand 19 280 5. Western Province 17 830 6. Southern KZN 17 206 7. Southern Cape 14 484 8. KZN Central 7 350

Women: 1. Heather Clark (SKZN) 2. Michelle Hill (EP) 3. Tasha Mentasti (Bol) 4. Carolyn Dent (WP) Seniors 1. Greg Emslie (Bor) 2. Llewellyn Whittaker (SC) 3. Calvin Moore (SKZN) 4. Jethro Johnson (Bor)

Masters: 1. Gary van Wieringen (SKZN) 2. Ben Roberts (SKZN) 3. Justin Emslie (Bor) 4. Graeme Field (WP)

Grand Masters: 1. Kevin O’Brien (Bor) 2. Andre Malherbe (Bor) 3. Gareth Sepp (Bor) 4. Wayne Monk (Bor)

Kahunas: 1. David Malherbe (Bor) 2. Mason Harrison (Zulu) 3. Colin Buitendag (SC) 4. Darryl Adamson (SKZN)

Grand Kahunas: 1. Chris Knutsen (KZNC) 2. Bushy Greef (Zulu) 3. Kurt Buchner (EP) 4. Grantley Reid (Zulu)

Veterans:  1. Dave Fish (Bor) 2. Jeremy Zinn (WP) 3. Neil Marwick (Bol) 4. Leonard Giles (SC)

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