SuperSpar St Francis Bay says : “Thank You!”

NSRI members at SuperSpar's barbecue this afternoon.

St Francis Bay’s Super Spar continued with the great community spirit this afternoon by saying a big “Thank You!” to all the volunteers and the helpers who walked people across a foot bridge while the new temporary bridge was being built.

The previous temporary bridge was washed away on Monday this week (26 July 2011) after heavy rains  threatened to flood the bridge road. Roads Department officials cut the bridge open to allow flood waters to pass through and the waters took parts of  the temporary bridge along with it to the Kromme River.

SuperSpar’s gratitude was shown in the form of a big barbecue on the grass common in fornt of the store this afternoon. A big crowd huddled around inspite of the icy wind prevailing. There were various cuts of  barbecued meat, plus rolls and refreshments. Everyone had a hearty tuck in.

Members of the the NSRI, the St Francis Fire Department, the SAP, the disaster managment team, traffic officals and even members of one of the Road Department’s contractor’s teams, Penny Farthing, were at the barbecue. Andre Koekemoer of SuperSpar said a word of thanks to all the helpers at the barbecue. While most people were asleep, representatives from these groups were on hand all night in freezing  weather to help others.

Members of the SAP enjoying the "Thank you from SuperSpar!" barbecue this afternoon.

Two weeks ago, Farols bistro and Pecazzo’s also held a barbecue for the NSRI team.

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