Goal posts shift about Sand River bridge completion times

Everyone  in authority is suddenly being extremely cautious in what they say about the Sand River being opened today.

The goal posts are now continually shifting and no one can give a straight answer.

This morning an official from the Roads department told me that the bridge would be open by 2 pm today … now it seems that this has during the course of the day changed to “sometime today”.

St Francis Chronicle’s phone has been ringing off the hook from worried residents with  many tales of woe resulting from them being marooned. But there have also been some serious cases like that of a granny who has stranded grandchildren in PE with no one to bring them here!

The latest annoucement from Kouga municipality at 1 pm today said:

“Construction of the temporary bridge over the Sand River is progressing well.

Every indication is that it will be completed and open for vehicles today.

Weight limit will be 10 tonnes.”

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