Fantastic volunteers man the footbridge all night

Storm water that built up into a dam on the Links' side of the Sand River bridge has susbsided after a channel was made yesterday through the temporary bridge to allow it to escape.


Volunteers helping school children cross the bridge this morning.

Volunteer members of the NSRI , the St Francis Fire Department and those of the disaster management team took it in turns to man the footbridge that was re-established yesterday over the Sand River Bridge.

They helped  people who would otherwise be stranded on either side get home to their families after work last night and before work this morning. Some had been up all night and were still hard at work this morning  helping school children and workers cross the bridge.

The footbridge bridge as can be seen from the following photos is rather precarious.

An update from the Department of Roads is expected later today on when another vehicle bridge will be built and finished.  The department has sole jurisdiction on the  R330 (and  the municipality has to escalate all problems to the department and cannot do any fixing of the bridge itself).