Sand River update after disaster management meeting today

The temporary vehicle bridge across the Sand River  in St Francis Bay washed away just before 1 pm. A section of the pedestrian walkway, next to the bridge, was also damaged at the time.

The municipality and NSRI have put up closed the gap with a walkway of steel, planks and rope, so pedestrians can still cross. Officials will be on site all night to help people across.

The municipality has also been in contact with the Departnent of Roads and Transport. The latter has undertaken to rebuild a vehicle crossing as soon as the water subsides.

The Oyster Bay roads to both Humansdorp and St Francis Bay have been closed.

The R330 at Weston just before Hankey has been closed (this means you cannot get to Hankey from Humansdorp).

Johan Muller Boulevard in Paradise Beach is closed. The causeway to Paradise Beach is still open but it’s being monitored.

The Apiesdraai section of the Aston Bay road is closed.

The roads have taken a severe beating because of the heavy rains since May. Some nasty potholes have formed.

Motorists are asked to drive carefully and to be on the look out, especially for potholes that have filled with water as it is easy to misjudge their width/depth. Weather-dependent, the municipality will continue fixing potholes tomorrow (it’s been an ongoing process since May).

Houses and shacks have flooded, especially at Oyster Bay (Umzamowethu) and Humansdorp (7de Laan, Donkerhoek and the Old Golf Course).

Councillors and housing officials are monitoring the situation. Thus far no one has chosen to be relocated, however.

– – Information supplied by Kouga Municpality