Stop press!! High hopes Kouga’s water restrictions will be eased!

High hopes have been raised among Kouga residents following an announcment by the Port Elizabeth Metro this afternoon that water restrictions have been eased in the PE municipal area.

Owing to the lateness of the hour with municipal staff having already gone home when this press release reached St Francis Chronicle, a comment from Kouga Municipality can only be expected tomorrow. Like their PE counterparts Kouga residents, who use water from by and large the same dams that have been filling up after the recent excellent rains, have been clamouring for water restrictions to be lifted.

 Executive Mayor of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, ZG Wayile, today lifted the water restrictions imposed on account holders in the city since water supply decreased below 60% almost two years ago when the city was, until recently, experiencing a severe drought. The lifting follows a notice from the department of Water Affairs advising the municipality that restrictions on its intake from the major supply dams had been revised.
Speaking at a press conference today, Mayor Wayile thanked residents, businesses and municipal officials in Nelson Mandela Bay for helping to prevent a potential “humanitarian disaster” by saving water. Water levels in the city threatened to drop below 30% for the most part of 2010 and there had been fears that the city’s hosting of the tourney would be hampered had consumption remained high in the midst of the drought. 
 In his address Wayile said:  “I hereby declare: (a) That the punitive water tariffs will be lifted with effect from 1 August 2011; (b) That decreased water usage restrictions will take effect from 25 July.”

Athough the restrictions have been lifted, the municipality is urging residents to continue to use water sparingly given a projected dry season “dry season”.  Certain activities remain prohibitted and the municipality is encouraging use of recycled water in car washes, for example.
Meanwhile, the municipality has maintained a 98% water quality compliance which means it complies fully with SANS 241 (Drinking Water Quality Standards). The Municipality scored second highest in the province in water quality excellence, although it did not get a Blue Drop award. The municipality has also received a Green Drop award for our Driftsands Wastewater Treatment Works.

Important Notices from Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality :

 Residential consumers should be aware of the fact that water charges are calculated based on daily average consumption. Consuming in excess volumes following the lifting of the restrictions from 1 August 2011 will affect your daily average consumption for your July/August reading cycle. The calculated consumption for July will be charged using Part C of the water tariff while part A will be applied in determining the charge for August.

 The July and August reading dates for your meter appear on your July statement; alternatively a copy of your statement is obtainable at your nearest Customer Care Centre.

 Part A is as follows: 

Up to 0.8kl/d = R6, 60

Next 0.8kl/d  =  R8, 27

Next 1kl/d     =  R9, 82

Additional consumption = R16, 73

 Part C:

Up to 0.5kl/d = R8, 27

Next 0.3kl/d  = R16,73

Next 0.8kl/d  = R33,45

Additional consumption = R111,50

 For more information residents can contact the Customer Care Helpline on 041:506 5555 or

Watering of gardens with hosepipes etc - easing of restrictions
Drought Intervention


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