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St Francis Chronicle is a news publication bringing you the top and most informative local news daily, hourly and up to the minute online, if necessary,  24/7 online or in the increasingly popular free tabloid community newspaper that is printed monthly.

Read  St Francis news today and 24/7. Find out what’s on in the St Francis towns of St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis 24/7 –  reliable and verifiable local news and news of interest to all St Francis Chronicle readers –  near and far,  in South Africa and abroad.

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St Francis Chronicle is the only fully-fledged St Francis community newspaper in the St Francis area of St Francis Bay.  This award-winning local newspaper, St Francis Chronicle is also one of the Eastern Cape’s only free, independent tabloid newspapers. It is your best source for local news and news of surrounding areas of keen interest to St Francs readers and owners of holiday homes here

Now in its 13th year of publication, St Francis Chronicle is published in St Francis Bay but is distributed widely – in St Francis Bay, Cape St Francis, Oyster Bay, Humansdorp, Jeffreys Bay and in parts of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. Plus it’s sent to a growing subscriber base of South Africans who live elsewhere in Southern Africa, in Botswana and Zimbabwe and overseas, who have holiday homes here and who wish to keep up to date with what is happening in the St Francis area.

And that is not all – the entire print edition is posted here online for readers country-wide and worldwide to read. So advertisers get extra readers through the online edition at no extra charge.

As we have done in our print editions for almost 10 years we have followed suit online by being a ‘chronicle of events’ as they happen in St Francis Bay and surrounds.

Some news just cannot wait till the next monthly edition so we were asked to publish more news and more often …

And in case you were wondering about the value of an online service… our venture has proved to be a highly successful move…

After less than a month of operation we had just under 2000 hits on one day – on 8 July) when we continuously, throughout the day, covered the breaking up of the Sand River bridge following heavy rains and floodwaters. Our news and pics were even published on other websites including a major national news website the same day.

You are welcome to submit news and photos for publication on this site or in the monthly print edition – any news that you want everyone to know about right now – whether it’s a sewing club , a pet lost or found, a stolen laptop or another bridge gone down, contact us. We strive to be first with the news and to always be the best source of news in order to keep you continually updated in any situation, emergency and crisis, in good times and in bad – so we value your input, your tip-offs, phone calls , smses and emails, messages on FB etc.

We bring you the news. We love to serve.

All articles written, all photos taken, plus all adverts designed, by the Editor and printed in the St Francis Chronicle are protected by Copyright.  Reproduction or copying of any part of the contents of this newspaper and its concept and design can only be done with the Editor’s written permission.

Contributors: B. Mortimer; M. Mortimer.

sfc at stfrancisc dot co dot za

or stfrancischronicle@gmail.com

Although this is the daily ‘News Online’ site for St Francis Chronicle, you can also read the latest monthly, printed editions once a month. Monthly printed editions of the tabloid are available in select stores and shops or outlets in St Francis, Jeffreys Bay, Humansdorp and Port Elizabeth.

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