Police killer gets life

-Edited by Bev Mortimer-

A 40 year-old man who shot and killed a South African policeman in the North West province of South Africa was given a life sentence in the Rustenburg Regional Court yesterday, 17 April. Motaung was sentenced was sentenced yesterday to life imprisonment for murder, seven years imprisonment for unlawful possession of a firearm, five years imprisonment for unlawful possession of ammunition, two years imprisonment for discharging a firearm and 12 months imprisonment for being an illegal immigrant. Police said in Novemeber 2020, during a shootout between robbers and police at Marikana, a police offer was killed and the shooter, Thabo Motaung, was arrested for the crime.
The accused was one of a group of men who robbed a business shop. A few days later members of the Marikana Crime Prevention unit spotted the gang and, upon approaching the robbers, gunshots were fired at them and the police fired back, leading toshootout and the fatal killing of the police officer. A Norinco 9mm firearm and ammunition was seized for investigation, following Motaung’s arrest.
The Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation took over the case and Motaung appeared in court and remained in prison until convicted.
The Provincial Head for the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation, Major General Patrick Mboth, and the Director for Public Prosecutions in North West, Dr Rachel Makhari-Sekhaolelo, congratulated the exceptional work of all police units involved, plus they praised the sterling work by prosecutor, Advocate Nong, who ensured justice is served.

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