Eleven shacks burnt in fire, 20 families bereft

A big fire destroyed the homes of 11 families and 20 people lost all their possessions last night around 11 pm.The fire was said to have been started by a candle that developed into a blaze and then spread from one shack to another at a rapid rate.

Please if anyone can spare anything please leave at the St Francis Fire station in St Francis Drive or at the Sea Vista Community Hall..
The bereft are in need of any clothing, shoes, bedding, building material, napkins, food, plates, mugs forks, knives, chair,mats, loo paper, blankets, wood, poles etc
The families comprise:

4 x kids ages between 6 to 17 yrs

2 x toddlers

14 x adults ages between 21 to 56 yrs
There is also an account one can pay into for those who would like to make donations:
Account FOSFFAR: Standard Bank: Acc No: 186512139 Br no: 051001


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