Water-shedding in Kouga from Monday

Kouga Municipality has announced that it will start implementing water-shedding in Jeffreys Bay, Humansdorp and St Francis from 13 June.
Water to towns will be switched off for the greater part of the day (from 10 am – 4 pm), seven days a week, starting on Monday next week.
This, the municipality says is necessary because the level of the Churchill Dam has plunged to below 10%,
Households and businesses in these areas rely almost entirely on the Churchill Dam for water.
If no rain falls in the catchment area of the dam, the region could be left with no water in the taps within the next three weeks , according to the municipality. “We have been trying to delay the need for water shedding, but the situation is critical, and we cannot avoid it any longer.
“We know that it will be a difficult adjustment for the affected communities, but we ask that they bear with us. This measure is necessary to help keep water in the taps for as long as is possible.”
The municipality adds that it will continue its programme to conserve and increase the water supply to the region.


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  1. Rod Suter says:

    Less than a month ago, the DA Municipality Ward 12 Councillor, Lorraine Maree, said at the public IDP meeting at the St Francis Bowls Club that 70% of St Francis Bay water was currently being supplied from boreholes, and by end of May it would be 100%.

    If that is indeed the case, why is St Francis also targetted for “water-shedding”, based on the rationale for water-shedding given in this notification issued by the the Municipality ?

  2. Harrie Cooijmans says:

    Why do they not make use of the water from the rivers ?

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