Two R15-billion Coastal Casinos for St Francis

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By Bev Mortimer

The Eastern Cape Gaming Board has granted permission for not one, but two coastal casinos to operate in the two main areas of St Francis – one to be called Coastal Casino Cape St Francis and the other Coastal Casino St Francis Bay.
At a cost of a mere R15-billion, both casinos will boast state-of-the-art gaming devices. These will include Slot Machines, Poker Rooms, Blackjack Tables, Live Bingo Games and a Salon Privé.
Building will commence as early as August 2022, on two separate sites chosen by the National Gaming Board, and said to be earmarked for open, public land, not in protected areas. Both sites will be constructed on the respective beach fronts.

Applications are currently being considered for the following: a pub, take away food halls, Ten Pin Bowling Alley, a Boardwalk with observation platforms for outdoor dining.
Owing to the need for the developers to advertise this project in a local area newspaper for public comment, St Francis Chronicle has been privy to these project plans for some time. The project was kept under wraps for two years following delays caused by covid and the granting of the gaming licences. Now, with covid restrictions at an all-time low, and with their licences, the developers are hard-pressed to get the casino project moving fast forward and to gain lost ground.
Finally from this am, 1 April, we have been allowed by the Coastal Casino owners, a consortium of astonishing businessmen, behind the development, to release the news to St Francis and the visiting public here for Easter.
These fancied businessmen have seen the need for the developments in St Francis, which has, like most areas worldwide, suffered from tourist losses. “This news is wonderful for the tourism industry,” says Kasi Nostradamus, the chairman of Coastal Casino. “This will open the doors for further development along the coastline, taking this part of the Eastern Cape into the International business arena.”

Dee Cranswick, who chairs St Francis Tourism, said: “It might be a bit of a gamble, but think of all the money it will bring!” She went on to say: “We should be able to fill all our potholes and spend more time surfing, so this will be wonderful for the whole St Francis vibe!”
The two casinos will each house 150 casino slots and eight tables with a Salon Privé, deli, bar and promotions area. Additional facilities include a children’s playroom, video arcade and a retail shop. The Salon Privé is Suncoast Casino’s very own private gaming destination for serious gamers. This unique gaming space, overlooking the ocean, offers 21 Table games to choose from, and 202 Slot machines to play on.

This is to be complemented with an exciting variety of table games to choose from including American Roulette, Blackjack Switch, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat and AmaDice. For high roller patrons, private quarters are provided to ensure privacy and security.

Nostradamus also says he and others in the consortium are excited about this development and when completed it will “be mind-boggling, a top tourism drawcard for St Francis that is likely to astound everyone in the Eastern Cape!” Other members of the Coastal Casino consortium are PT Barnum, Hans van Meegeren, Ho Simpson, May Q Pay, Kid Shylock and Y Jester, and other fly-by-nights…


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  1. Errol van Greunen says:

    If this project goes ahead I will sell immediately

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