News Flash!! Man bitten by shark at JBay this morning

Article by Bev Mortimer

The NSRI has announced that a 38 year-old man was bitten by a shark at the Point Jeffreys Bay this morning, 14 July, at 7.7 am.

The 38 year-old Cape Town man was taken to hospital suffering from shark bites on his chest and leg.

The Jeffreys Bay beaches have since been closed and members of the public and surfers are asked not to enter the sea at JBay.

The NSRI said the man, according to surfers who witnessed the incident, appeared to have been bumped off his board and was then bitten by a shark. The surfer, however, managed to get back on his board and get to shore with the assistance of surfers.

The JBay NSRI volunteer duty crew were activated by several reports of a surfer bitten by a shark while surfing and organised an ambulance to be at the beach. On arrival at the beach they were informed the surfer was already out of the water.

NSRI crew members, who were at the beach at the time, provided medical assistance to the man by using a shark treatment kit which is kept at the Point.

On arrival, ambulance paramedics treated the man at the scene for puncture wounds to his right leg and his torso and accompanied him to hospital in the ambulance. He was transported to hospital in a stable condition, the NSRI said.

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