PE Dams at 36 % – people in PE and Kouga urged to save water

Residents and businesses in Kouga that get their water from Port Elizabeth dams have been asked to use water sparingly following an announcement today that dams that supply water to the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro NMBM and Kouga have have reached an average combined capacity of 36%.
The PE Business Chamber says the Metro’s four dams Kouga, Churchill, Mpofu, Loerie and Groendal dams have reached the low level of 36% and only 10 % of this is usable owing to a build-up of sediment, leaving consumers with little more than 30% of potable water.
In a press release to its more than 700 member companies the Chamber says it is unknown how the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is handling the water shortage to prevent dams running dry.
Likewise some Kouga residents say it is unknown how Kouga Municipality is handling the shortage of water problem in the Kouga municipal area as Kouga is dependent on these dams for water. The Kouga Municipality said some time back it was drilling boreholes for water, but it is unknown if it has found sufficient water to overcome any shortfall.
The Chamber says in June 2017 the PE (and southern EC) received the lowest rainfall in 20 years with only 2.5mm precipitation for the entire month. November 2015 was the last time these dams were filled to 100% capacity. In August 2019, only 2.2mm of rain fell in the Metro, making the lowest since 1985, when 4.7mm of rain fell.
The Chamber says it understands the impact of a water shortage hon member companies and for this reason it is exploring innovative ways of saving water. “The City’s dire water situation demands that households and businesses collectively start taking matters into their own hands and aggressively monitor their daily consumption.”
– Edited by Bev Mortimer


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