Police still searching for escaped prisoners

An SAPS Task Team is still searching for two prisoners, who escaped from a police vehicle travelling between Kareedouw and Humansdorp yesterday, 3 April.
The SAPS says at about 11:20 yesterday morning the police vehicle was travelling towards the
N2 on-ramp from R62 transporting the two prisoners from Joubertina to St Albans prison. 
At the N2 turnoff on the R62 (Trivolia) a truck driving in front of the police vehicle reduced speed and the two prisoners escaped through the back window of the
SAPS vehicle.
The prisoners escaped while the vehicle was still in motion. The police driver stopped the vehicle and contacted Humansdorp SAPS. A tracing team was immediately activated and with the assistance of the K9 unit and the police airwing, an extensive hunt for the escapee’s started. The escapees are: Bonginkosi Mgaqi, a male, aged 27 years, Joubertina Cas 57/8/2007 (Culpable Homicide) and
Jason Witbooi, male, aged 22 years, wwaiting trail Joubertina Cas 24/10/2018 (Farm murder).
Police urge the public to assist them in locating these escapees and to contact the local
police station.
“Do not approach them or try to arrest them, but contact 10111 or nearest police station,” the SAPS says.
Photographs attached of escapees Jason Witbooi and Mbongosi Mgoqi

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