Breaking… Norway student missing in Sedgefield

A 21-year-old student from Norway has disappeared in Sedgefield in the Western Cape.

Marie Ostbo, 21, was last seen 100 metres from the beach backpackers where she and a tour group from Norway were staying yesterday evening, 18 April.

Despite an extensive search NSRI Wilderness, Community Police, the SA Police Services and a Police K-9 Search and Rescue Unit have not been able to find Marie. The search is continuing and all possibilities are being explored.
The NSRI says about 6 pm yesterday evening, some of the group went for a walk on the beach and returned at about 7 pm.

Marie was last seen at around 7 pm on the beach, wearing blue jeans and a white shirt. When friends noticed she had not come inside with the rest of the group they went to look for her but were unable to find her.
NSRI Wilderness and Community Police were activated at 7.40 pm
Marie, who has been studying in France and arrived in Sedgefield with the group of young International student tourists yesterday. The group is on a tour of South Africa.
An appeal has been made for any information that can assist in locating Marie. Anyone who has seen Marie (see photo) or who noticed anything is asked to contact the Sedgefield Police at 044 343 1321.
Edtied by Bev Mortimer

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