Sea Vista under water

Sea Vista under water 013

Sea Vista suburb of St Francis – the place few care about, where people live  in the most appalling conditions, and where few come to their aid.

I received calls for help from residents on Sunday this week asking for assistance, one even came to my door as his house and those of his neighbours, he said, were knee-deep in water. I called the municipality this morning to ask for assistance .

Asked to comment, the municipality said: “Our Disaster Management Section visited the affected area this morning. They inspected most of the living units. The water appears to have dried up in people’s homes although there are still patches of water outside.

“The area is not actually suitable for habitation. The Disaster Management Section has set up a follow-up meeting with other municipal sections tomorrow so as to come up with a plan on how to address the general conditions of people living there.”

 People  were still mopping up at 3.30 pm and there was still water in and around the houses in this freezing windy weather. They needed their houses and yards to have the water pumped out and no one was there to do that They also need blankets… everything in their homes was wet and cold !!

Sea Vista under water 001 Sea Vista under water 002 Sea Vista under water 004 Sea Vista under water 008 Sea Vista under water 010 Sea Vista under water 012

Last two photos, courtesy of Pastor Andrew Vena, Other photos by Bev Mortimer.


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