PJ Powers is coming to  Cape St Francis


Eduted By Bev Mortimer

PJ Powers is coming to town for ‘One-Night Only’ at Cape St Francis to present a  spell-binding show with hit songs from  this popular singer’s long and colourful career in the South African music industry.

She will be appearing a Rock Lily on 12 August. The local St Francis audience will get an insight into ‘PJ Powers – The Person’ through stories and songs in an intimate environment .

All of her fans’ most loved  hits will be sung, from unplugged versions of Feel So Strong, through The World in Union and Jabulani that was her ode to the Stadium in Soweto where she frequently performed in the 80s.  In addition her latest hits currently on the air waves, Destiny and Stay , will be sung.

PJ Powers will be accompanied by Knysna-based Tigger Reunert on acoustic guitar. The duo will weave a beautiful and nostalgic tapestry-tale covering the last 30 years. They will be performing together again since touring extensively in the 90s and the last decade, the 2000s, aka the ‘noughties’.

PJ Powers show

PJ has been busy. She has written a book, she is writing songs and she has been singing all over the world. And now she is heading our way!  Get your tickets asap!

There will be limited seating and tickets are available at Rock Lily, Kouga Print and Design. Phone: 042 940 0174.

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