Sea Vista gang tries to rob accident victim

cows in the road, willie uys

Goats  in the road.. A photo by Willie Uys

By Bev Mortimer

A Sea Vista gang surrounded the car of an accident victim in Tarragona Road this afternoon and some members proceeded to search the car and the driver for valuables.

They were feeling him all over to find out if he had any valuables on him. The Cape St Francis resident. Mike Kimmings,  is yet another victim of roaming animals,  He had his car written off after two cows ran in front of his Honda in the St Francis Bay suburb this afternoon, 17 June.

And while Mike was a bit concussed and shocked awaiting his friend to fetch him, a gang  gathered round his car. Two or more climbed in the vehicle and began searching him and the car for items.

Fortunately his friend arrived and the gang dispersed. He is unsure if anything was taken from the car.  Fortunately he had managed to hide his phone and his backback in time.

Mike, who is owner of Rock Lily restaurant in Cape St Francis, says he is more shocked about the people trying t to rob him after an accident than the actual accident and damage to his vehicle..

Motorists are again urged to watch out for roaming livestock. Thousands of rands damage to vehicles in Kouga have been reported owing to roaming animals wandering unattended in front of cars. The main danger areas are the entrtance road R330 to St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis and Tarragona road,, The Road to Aston Bay past Oceanview  is also another  danger area as many kinds of livestock cross the road there and this section has been nicknamed ’the death trap’

If residents spot unattended livestock they are asked to immediately or asap thereafter phone law enforcement officers to report theincident and area.. It is reported that the law enforcement officers are quick to remove the offending animals. Here are the contact numbers:

Daytime 042 – 200 8350 (switchboard)
042 – 200 8352 (Annelien)
After hours 042 – 291 0250


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