SA Post Office offers digital email for NB legal docs

The South African Post Office (Sapo) now offers a service where organisations and individuals can use an electronic registered mail to send important and sensitive documents.

According to the Post Office, an eRegistered Mail has the same legal status as paper-based Registered Mail in terms of Section 19(4) of the ECT Act 25 of 2002.

“The company has started a journey into the digital world and is looking forward to the future where it turns the corner as a revitalised Post Office,” Sapo said in a statement on Wednesday.

Anyone who needs to send Registered Mail can use this system as long as they have access to the web and have the email address of the intended recipient.

“At a cost of R16.00 (excl. VAT) per eRegistered Mail sent, eRegistered Mail offers a substantial cost advantage over the alternatives such as delivery of legal papers by the sheriff of the court,” Sapo said.

Proof of delivery and a full audit trail is recorded and available to the sender.

eRegistered Mail provides recipients with a free response service, which in itself will enhance recipient response. 

“Access to the system is restricted to ensure protection of data, security and users are authenticated through a username and password as well as digital certificates,” Sapo said.

The digital post box used for eRegistered mail is free.

The Post Office said no spam and phishing is possible as the owner of the mailbox selects parties from whom he or she wishes to receive mail.

“With the digital post-box comes a free storage vault upfront where users can safely store important documents. The storage space can be extended if required,” Sapo said.

The service caters for a range of users, whether these are ‘once off’ mail users, small and medium users or institutions that send large volumes.

For more information people can contact 0860 086 860. –