New plan to have CCTV for St Francis

A new proposal to have St Francis monitored by a CCTV network  for safety and security has been proposed.

A document has been drawn up by the local Community Police Forum to inform  those in the community of some of the benefits a localised CCTV project has to offer.  The document proposes that via a pilot project real time data can be used to  review and evaluate outcomes.

“This approach will create a baseline on which to make decisions on a go forward plan.”

The document, available for download at the end of this brief overview, also says community CCTV will deliver results when individual households agree with their neighbours to consolidate resource and implement improved safety and security on street by street basis.

“The proposed St Francis CCTV project is in addition to the private security service currently being provided to individual homes by SMHart, Calibre, G4S etc and homeowners would continue to utilise their preferred vendor. St Francis CCTV would provide another level of deterrent to criminals.”

The document sent out by John Hammond of the local Community Police Forum (CPF) says CCTV appears to result in increased crime detection and provides useful  evidence for investigation and prosecution, plus it has other valuable benefits.

“While there are initiation costs to business and households the economic benefits whereby, CCTV promotes an image of a ‘safe town’, which in turn, encourages people to visit the location, use the facilities on offer, and ultimately, invest their funds and spend disposable income,” the document says.  “The potential for an increase in property and business values by being seen as a community that responds to the public demand for ‘something to be done about crime’ should not be discounted.

“Estimated costs for a node with 7 homes on each side – 14 homes in total would require an initial once off investment of R 1375 per household. This entry level system will deliver on-line 24/7 monitoring and access to the community based CCTV network at some R 45 per month.”

The document also says this is a community based project and will be a success if the majority of the community support it. Not everyone needs to agree but if everyone in a street, say, wishes to have CCTV, it can be set up almost immediately. “The strategy is a street by street bases or community by community.”

A presentation of the concept will be held in May where there will be an opportunity to ask questions. Live demonstrations of the proposed equipment will take place for businesses, interested NGOs or community committees.

Following this meeting an updated action plan will be created.

The meeting will held at St Francis Links  on 11 May at 5 pm. RSVP via email to assist with planning of numbers to

As numbers will be limited at this first event, those wishing to attend are advised to to book a place early. John Hammond  can be contacted on 072 770 7788 for further info or fund raising ideas.

Those wanting more info can also contact their local CPF representative. St Francis Community Police Contacts:

St Francis Bay Community Police Sector   – Nigel Aitken 082 465 3719

Cape St Francis Community Police Sector – Nick Schoeman 082 460 2488

Sea Vista Community Police Sector             – Peet Leen 072 037 0909

Oyster Bay Community Police Sector          – TBA

St Francis Community Police Forum           – John Hammond 072 770 7788

SAPS St Francis Liaison                                  – Warrant Officer Hardus Van Heerden 042 200 1899

 Download and read the full document here: CP St Francis CCTV Project Final 1.0

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