Dangerous sea conditions this weekend – NSRI urges caution

The NSRI warns of dangerous coastal conditions this weekend  22-24 April and urges people anywhere near the sea to be extremely cautious.

Storm conditions, strong gale force winds, rough seas, heavy swells with big surf and a full moon spring tide will cause dangerous conditions along, on or near the sea this weekend and early next week. These warning have been posted by the SA Weather service that is continually monitoring conditions.

The full moon and Spring tide conditions peak today and will continue for the next few days.  Spring tide happens twice every month of the year, at full moon and at new moon and brings  a higher than normal high tides, lower than normal low tide, and stronger than normal rip currents. 

The NSRI therefore urges boaters, paddle boarders, bathers, sailors and anglers to be cautious around the coast over the coming weekend.

‘Watch weather warnings, have the Sea Rescue emergency number 112 programmed in your phone, only go to sea if it is absolutely necessary and anglers fishing along the shoreline should be vigilant of the tides and breaking surf,” the NSRI further cautions.

(Edited by Bev Mortimer)

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