Brazen rum-loving shoplifters sneak off with bottles at Tops

By Bev Mortimer

 Three brazen rum-loving  guys made off with several bottles of rum from St Francis Bay’ Tops liquor store this morning, 30 January,  soon after its opening.

The men had allegedly in the aisles discretely placed the liuoe bottles  under their shirts and in their pants before calmly walking out of the door. The last one had not quite made his escape from the store when an alert teller noticed the big bulge under his shirt.

The teller confronted him and made him lift his shirt and found four bottles of rum there sticking out the man’s pants. She asked for them and the man quickly took one out, gave it to her then dashed out of the shop.

There are security cameras in the store and the local St Francis Bay police are investigating.

Confirming the incident Andre Koekemoer from St Francis Bay SuperSpar said the value of the items taken was around R700 or so.


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