Beach and roads issues under spotlight in St Francis Bay

The replenishment of the beach and a more permanent solution for the repairing of our roads were the two most important issues raised at the social evening held by the St Francis Bay Resident’s Association (SFBRA) on Thursday evening this week.

“We cannot continue to just fix potholes,” said Nigel Aitken, chairman of the SFBRA. “A number of people volunteered their expertise to assist the SFBRA and it was unanimously agreed that a ‘Fix St Francis Bay Roads Project’ should be implemented as a matter of extreme urgency,” he said.

residents association pic edited

Photo: At the meeting were, from left: George Stegman, chairman Nigel Aitken and Hilton Thorpe

About 60 people attended the successful function at the St Francis Bay Golf Club to interact with the members of the SFBRA and participate in an open discussion on the future of the Association, Aitken said..

Aitken welcomed everyone before Ward Councillor, Ben Rheeder, addressed the gathering. Rheeder stressed the importance of an active Residents’ Association with strong interaction between the Ward Councillor and that committee. He also stated the SFBRA is regarded as one of the most proactive of such associations in the Eastern Cape.

Aitken thanked the St Francis Bay residents for their fabulous donations towards the fixing of the beach. He indicated he would be stepping down at the end of 2015, having served two years as vice chairman and a further two years as chairman.

He highlighted the importance of the SFBRA continuing to operate proactively especially in light of the Municipal Elections next year. He said the SFBRA had strived to remain non-political. He maintained this was no longer possible “due to constant political interference.”

Aitken cited the example of the proposed boat licensing monies being returned to the Joint Kromme River Committee for the administration of the policing of the Kromme River, which has twice been struck off the agenda for no apparent reason.

Source: Nigel Aitken. (Edited by St Francis Chronicle)

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