Koeberg unit to be shut down – possible load shedding again

Unit 2 of the Koeberg Power Station in the Western Cape will be shut down for planned maintenance on Monday, 31 August 2015, the South African Cabinet announced  this week.  Consequently there could well be load shedding on the cards.

The  unit is expected to return to service after three months.  “The scheduled shutdown of Koeberg Unit 2 is part of Eskom’s overall maintenance programme for its fleet of power stations,” the Cabinet said. “Every 16-18 months, each of the two units at Koeberg is shut down for refueling, inspection and maintenance.”

It said  routine shutdowns are scheduled so as to avoid having both units out of service at the same time and to avoid the winter months in each year. “Cabinet further appreciates the current constraints the country still faces on the power supply.  While load-shedding is regrettable, Eskom is committed to perform the necessary maintenance to improve the long-term health of our plants with reasonable disruptions.”

Cabinet called on South Africans to continue using electricity sparingly while the country continues to make progress in improving electricity generation capacity.

(Edited by St Francis Chronicle)

ev Mortimer)

Souce: SAnews.gov.za

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