Five teenagers rescued from rip-currents:

Five male teenagers, who were being swept out to sea in rip currents, were rescued by Port Edward NSRI yesterday, 21 August 2015.

Two of the teenagers capsized on a sea-kayak and then were caught in rip-currents. Three friends who went to their aid were also caught in rip-currents.

John Nicholas, NSRI Port Edward station commander, said at 2.17 pm NSRI Port Edward volunteer duty crew were activated following eye-witness reports of the teenagers, who are all around 19 years of age. A member of the public raised the alarm.

The NSRI Discovery rescue runner was launched and a sea rescue vehicle carrying rescue swimmers responded.

All of the teens were rescued from the surf in relays and brought safely ashore  in the rescue craft from up to 200 meters out in the surf zone. They were treated for exhaustion and two of them, suffering from near drowning symptoms, went to hospital by ambulance.

The NSRI urges the public to be cautious and to be aware of rip currents. While weather conditions improve as autumn and summer approach, winter sea conditions remain rough.

(edited by St Francis Chronicle)


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