Malawian couple found dead on the St Francis canals

The bodies of a Malawian couple were found at a house on Harley Street on St Francis Bay’s canals on Monday, 10 August 2015.

The couple, a man of 36 years and his wife, who was 28 years-old, were found behind a locked door of a room at the house at about 9 am.

A neighbour was concerned when the couple did not appear from their room. Upon knocking on the locked door there was no answer.  The door had to be specially opened and it was then that the bodies were discovered.

Police searched the premises and found nothing untoward. A doctor was called and it was found there had been no injuries inflicted on the couple. There were also no signs of any struggle or any robbery from the room.  Captain du Toit of the St Francis Bay SAP said an inquest was still underway to determine the cause of death. “Foul play is not suspected,” he said.

The deceased man had been living in South Africa for about 8 years and was a legal immigrant. His dead wife, however, had only been in the country for about 18 months.

Source St Francis Chronicle & SAP

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