Catamaran capsizes in PE, 3 rescued

Another boat capsized today at Port Elizabeth, 2 August, with three people on board.

After being in the water for 15 minutes two men and a woman were rescued by occupants of a passing rubber duck.

Justin Erasmus, NSRI Port Elizabeth deputy station commander, said at 4.07 pm, NSRI Port Elizabeth was activated following reports from the Noordhoek Ski-Boat Club of a boat having capsized at Cape Recife with three people on board.

NSRI Port Elizabeth volunteer duty crew dispatched the sea rescue craft Eikos Rescuer IV, plus the sea rescue vehicle and responded with EC Government Health EMS and Coastal Rescue. On arrival at the club a 7 meter catamaran was found capsized. The occupants were two 35 year-old men and a 25 year-old female from PE.

 The crew aboard the rubber duck that rescued them from the water then raised the alarm and took all three casualties ashore to the club. They were medically checked by emergency services and confirmed to be uninjured.

The NSRI duty crew members righted the catamaran and towed it to Port Elizabeth where they assisted in getting it onto a trailer. No further assistance was required. The boat had sustained some damage.

“According to the three they caught a large Yellow Tail fish while fishing at Cape Recife as a wave set came through,” Erasmus said. “The first wave swamped their motors and they were capsized by a second wave.”

(edited) Source: NSRI



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