Woman’s body found floating in sea  

NSRI Mossel Bay
NSRI Mossel Bay

A woman’s body found floating in the sea at Mossel Bay was recovered by the local NSRI and divers today, 25 July.

Andre Fraser, NSRI Mossel Bay station commander, said at 9.55 am the local NSRI volunteer duty crew were activated following police reports of a body floating in the sea  off-shore of Quay 4, near to Mossel Bay harbour.

The NSRI crew responded with rescue swimmers, plus the SAP, WC Government Health EMS and ER24 ambulance services also responded.

The NSRI rescue swimmer assisted by a local dive company recovered the body of an adult woman from the sea. Paramedics conducted CPR but despite extensive efforts the woman was declared deceased.

The body was handed over to Forensic Pathology Services and police have opened an inquest docket. The identity of the woman, the cause of death and the circumstances leading up to the woman being in the sea, will be investigated by Police.


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