Knysna shark encounter update  

 George Hospital staff are continuing to treat Caleb Swanepoel who remains in a stable but serious condition after losing half his leg in an encounter with a shark at Buffels Bay yesterday,  27 June.

The NSRI has today issued the following updated facts and details of what transpired.

It has been confirmed that Swaneoel was on a boogie-board and not on a surfboard.

Two of Swanepoel’s brothers, who were on the water with him at the time, and fellow boogie boarders and surfers rescued him from the surf.

A shark emergency kit, kept at the local caravan park, was immediately provided by the Buffels Bay caravan park.

With a doctor immediately on hand, it has been commended that the emergency care provided by the doctor and by Swanepoel’s family, friends, fellow boogie-boarders, surfers and bystanders, who aided on the scene prior to NSRI and emergency services arrival, greatly contributed to saving Swanepoel’s life.

NSRI Knysna arrived on the scene to find the patient being well taken care of in an orderly and well controlled manner on the beach, with the doctor using essential emergency medical equipment from the shark emergency kit that was on hand.

NSRI and the emergency services are continuing to convey our ongoing support and encouragement to Swanepoel and his family.

Read first release here:                                                  (     )



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