Plett fishermen’s lucky escape after being marooned at high tide

Three Plettenberg Bay fishermen had a narrow escape after they became marooned at their fishing spot yesterday.

The three men had been fishing since 4.30 in the evening of 16 June when the rocks they were on became surrounded by an extremely high Spring tide.

The fishermen had been fishing at Keurbooms Beach near the Arch and the tide plus rough sea conditions prevented two of them reaching the mainland. NSRI Plettenberg Bay was called out to assist and launched its Ray Farnham sea rescue craft and together with NSRI swimmers responded to the scene.

On arrival at the car park a local fisherman, in his early 20s, reported that he was a trained life guard and that he had left his two friends on the rocks while he swam to shore to raise the alarm. The sea rescue craft and illumination flares were deployed to light up the rocks and both fishermen were found walking along the beach and they were safe as the tide had sufficiently retreated by that stage.

NSRI urges caution around the coast until the end of this coming weekend.. The new moon spring tide peaked yesterday and coupled with rough sea conditions and there are big sea swells brought on by cold fronts.

Spring tides happen twice every month at full moon and again at new moon. Spring tide causes a higher than normal high tide, a lower than normal low tide and stronger than normal rip currents. There are two high tides and two low tides every day– and some areas can be temporarily cut off during these higher tides.


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