Saving of beached whale at Mossel Bay failed

NSRI Mossel Bay tried in vain to re-float a beached whale on Monday, 1 June, this week.

Photo: NSRI
Photo: NSRI

The NSR had been tasked by the Department of Environmental Affairs – Oceans and Coasts to investigate reports of the stranded whale after members of the public attempted to assist the mammal back to sea at Great Brak.

 The NSRI found the juvenile Humpback Whale on the beach and reported that it was hard aground in shallow surf and appeared to be weak and in poor health. “Despite all efforts, the whale could not be successfully re-floated.”

 The Department dispatched two veterinary surgeons to assess the health of the whale and it was decided to euthanize the whale. Mike Meyer from the Department stressed the difficulty of attempting to rescue a whale of that size in heavy sea conditions after dark – adverse conditions, which put rescuers lives at risk, Euthanising the whale was the best option.




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