R100 000 reward for info about rhino poaching at Lombardini


A top wildlife foundation and the owner of a Lombardini Game Farm are offering R100 000 for information leading to the poachers of rhino horns on the farm being brought to book.

This follows the death of three rhinos that were shot dead and dehorned and the dehorning of a fourth that miraculously survived in the past fortnight at Lombardini between St Francis Bay and Jeffreys Bay in the Kouga municipal area of the Eastern Cape. The first two rhinos of a mother and her baby shocked the Kouga community and lovers of wildlife worldwide.

Within a week following these deaths two more rhino were targeted for their horns. One was found dead while the other was found days after an extensive search, barely alive.

According to a statement by Susan Lottering on a social media page, the rhino is badly hurt but has been stabilised. She said that for four days and five nights the injured rhino hid in the bush. The search party for her had almost given up hope of ever finding her when she was finally spotted. She was taken to a rehabilitation centre.

Johan Lottering says the poaching of rhino is out of hand and needs to be stopped. He appeals to the public to please report any information they know of to assist in the arrest of the poachers.

reward poster

The Wilderness Foundation, through its Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative  together with Johan Lottering, owner of Lombardini Game Reserve, decided to offer the R100 000 reward for information leading to a successful arrest and prosecution of those involved in these rhino poaching incidents.

If anyone has any information that can assist in the apprehension of the perpetrators, they should contact the Wildlife Crime Tip-off Line on 078 696 9494.

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