Jewellery taken in Jayde Panayiotou murder case – Photos

The SAP today, 24 April 2915, has released photos of the engagement ring and wedding band taken from the late Jayde Panayiotou.

!cid_image001_png@01D07E90 !cid_image002_png@01D07E90

The SAP say criminals often try to dispose of the goods by approaching second-hand shops or jewellery stores or members of the public, or can even be presented as gifts to girlfriends of the criminals.

The SAP has therefore appealed to any person or shop owner approached by anyone trying to sell the jewellery, or if anyone has seen them somewhere, to immediately make contact with the Kabega Park Police station in Port Elizabeth or the investigating team at the following numbers: 041 397683/57 or WO Anel  Van Eyk at 041 3976857.


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