Con man from the church flees the county with cash and jewellery


A con man from the church who was looking after a St Francis Bay home owner’s pet, fled the country with cash and goods to the value of around R200 000 that he nabbed from the home.
The owner of the house needed someone to care for his pet. A Zimbabwean and local church man in Sea Vista had looked after his house and pet before so the owner did not hesitate to ask him a second time round.
On his return after a week he found his safe had been opened and valuable jewellery, Kruger coins and R19 000 in cash were missing. One stolen watch alone was worth R60 000. The owner reported the case to the police on 1 March. Police investigations discovered the man had already left Sea Vista the previous day and that all the identity documentation he had provided to others was false.
Police issued a warning to the public not to trust anyone ‘off the street’. They can ask the SAP for advice or ask local established businesses for advice as there are reliable and honest pet carers in the area.

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