Youngsters scale CSF lighthouse illegally to pose for photos

Some youngsters illegally tried to climb the Seal Point lighthouse, a national monument in Cape St Francis,  yesterday, 12 January 2015..



Photo of the Seal Point lighthouse by Trevor Q Harvey


As the incident is considered a serious violation of rules the contractors  hired to do renovations to this SA government owned lighthouse,, have issued a stern warning. In future all persons seen committing similar acts will be arrested for trespassing.

Apparently the youngsters, believed to be holiday visitors staying in the area,  climbed the scaffolding yesterday evening barefoot to the top to pose for photos.

Workers there asked them to climb down which they did and they then ran off and jumped over the back fence. “We take this in a very serious light,” they told St Francis Chronicle. “It is not a safe area for people except workers  trained in this field. These persons could have tampered with our equipment putting workers lives and those of the trespassers at risk.

“Workers have been instructed to call security immediately in future and persons will be arrested for trespassing.”

The public have been strongly advised to please obey the ‘No Entry’ signs. If anyone spots any illegal entry or activity near the lighthouse, please contact the site manager on:  0826533383

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