Another car takes a flying leap over Sand River Bridge

Another car took a flying leap across the Sand River Bridge at St Francis Bay and plunged down to the opposite bank before rolling over,  remaining upside down.   bridge accident 1     bridge accidetn 2  Three passengers are seriously or critically injured and were taken to hospital. The place was swarming with Humansdorp SAP members and some traffic officials and paramedics.  The accident happened just after midday today, 16 December 2014. An eye witness told St Francis Chronicle the blue car with the two men and a woman inside appeared to travel too fast round the bend approaching the bridge from the St Francis Bay side.

They failed to negotiate the bend to the left round the corner and went straight across to the right, hitting a demarcated barrier post and then  “the car literally flew through the air like a plane” before falling down, she said..

Police assisted paramedics in getting the three passengers scattered under the arch of the old bridge  Several passing motorists stopped to survey the scene.

At least 30 accidents  -some serious, some  involving luxury, highly expensive cars – have gone over or been involved in accidents at the bridge since the second temporary bridge was built over the Sand River Bridge in August 2011. Most of the cars were write-offs. accident at bridge 7 october 2012 007 - Copy Photo of a luxury car that bit the dust in October 2012 . This luxury car also failed to negotiate the same bend..

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