One St Francis Bay fisherman hospitalised, another dies

A St Francis Bay fisherman from one  fishing boat boat was hospitalised yesterday 7 December 201,  from bronchitis while another fisherman on another boat died this morning from a suspected heart attack before reaching hospital .

Paul Hurley, NSRI St Francis Bay station commander, said:

“At 5 pm, Sunday, 07th December, NSRI St Francis Bay duty crew were activated following a request for assistance from the Chokka Fishing boat BAKAI I reporting a 55 year old fisherman onboard suffering breathing difficulties from suspected Asthma compounded by a bout of bronchitis.

“NSRI St Francis Bay launched our sea rescue craft SPIRIT OF ST FRANCIS II and rendezvoused with the Chokka fishing boat off-shore of Huisklip.

“On arrival on-scene the patient was transferred onto our sea rescue craft and brought into the Port of St Francis and a Private Care ambulance has transported the patient to hospital in a stable condition for further treatment.

“Then at 06h00, Monday, 08th December, we were alerted to the Chokka fishing boat SANTO MERSCK reporting a 37 year old fisherman onboard to be suffering breathing difficulties.

“We launched our sea rescue craft SPIRIT OF ST FRANCIS II and rendezvoused with the Chokka boat 1 nautical mile off-shore.

“NSRI medics were transferred aboard the Chokka boat where they found the patient to be breathless and pulseless and CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) efforts were commenced.

“In rough seas the decision was made to leave the patient onboard the Chokka boat which headed into Port while NSRI medics continued CPR onboard and once in Port Private Care paramedics took over CPR efforts but after all efforts to resuscitate the man were exhausted he was declared deceased by paramedics.

“It is suspected that the man may have suffered a heart attack.”

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