Photo of Rivonia paddler missing near East London

NSRI have released a photograph of the missing surf-skier, 43 year-old Mark Feather, from Rivonia, Johannesburg, to aid efforts find him.

Mark Feather

Aircraft, Police, NSRI East London, NSRI Port Alfred and NSRI Port Elizabeth and sea rescue craft will resume a sea, air and shoreline search from first light while Police between East London and the Transkei have been alerted to keep a look out. Telkom Maritime Radio Services continue to broadcast an all ships alert for vessels along the stretch of coast between East London and the Transkei to be on alert.

All avenues are being employed in the ongoing effort to find the missing paddler.

Please note, though the name and a photograph of the missing paddler have been released, the family of the missing man have respectfully requested their privacy to be respected during this time.

Read original story of his disappearance here:

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