Long awaited EIA for Thyspunt out by Febuary 2015


The long awaited Revised Draft EIR (Environmental Impact Assessment) Vs 2  for the proposed Nuclear-1 Nuclear Power Station (NPS) at Thyspunt will be availble for public comment towards February 2015.

This was announced by the publication office of Gibb, the consultants iro of Thyspunt to Eskom. 


Photo: Thyspunt

 “Substantive changes have been made to the Revised Draft EIR and some specialist studies in response to the DEA and public comments,” Gibb said in a letter to all interested and affected parties (I&APs) today, 31 October 2014.

“All registered I&AP’s will be advised in good time of the availability of the Revised Draft EIR Version 2 and the venues where they will be placed. The dates of public meetings, the venues for these meetings and the venues where the Revised Draft EIR will be provided will also be communicated in due course. The availability of the Revised Draft EIR and the public meetings will be extensively advertised in the press.”

 Gibb also said all the comments received to date have been captured into the Issues and Response Reports (IRRs) that have been continuously updated. GIBB will make the IRRs available in due course. “We wish to assure you that all your comments raised previously were captured into the IRRs. IRRs will also be made available on the GIBB website at the following link:


The letter also pointed out that a Revised Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) dated 26 April 2011 was provided to the public and the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) for comment.  All registered I&Aps were notified via letters of the Revised Draft EIR’s availability at twenty four (24) public venues during the comment period (09 May to 7 August 2011). Public meetings were held from 23 May to 02 June 2011. Feedback was received on the Revised Draft EIR from the DEA in January 2013.

 “Gibb would like to express its sincere appreciation to all registered Interested and Affected Parties (I&AP’s) for their continued participation in the EIA process for the proposed Nuclear-1 power station and associated infrastructure.”


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